125g Calcium Chloride Sticky Desiccant for Container/Spare Parts Transit Packaging
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125g Calcium Chloride Sticky Desiccant for Container/Spare Parts Transit Packaging

125g Calcium Chloride Sticky Desiccant for Container/Spare Parts Transit Packaging

Overview 125g Calcium Chloride Desiccants with Adhesive for Automotive PartsWHY USE DESICCANT? In product packaging and
Basic Info.
Sorbent Calcium Chloride
Desiccant Physical Desiccant
Ingredient Cacl2+Starch
Loading Qty/20FT 720boxes/20FT
Carton Size 46*28*26(Cm)
Applications Automobile Parts, Metal, Furniture, Wood, etc
Standards MSDS, RoHS, Reach, ISO
Available Sizes 2g, 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 400g, etc
Leadtime 10-15 Days
PCS/Carton 120
PCS/Bag 12
Gross Weight/Carton 17kg
Net Weight/Carton 15kg
Wrapping Materials Ptf, PE, Non-Woven Fabric
Sachet Size 150*200(mm)
Absorption Capacity 3X of Its Own Weight
Transport Package Cartons and Pallets
Specification 125g
Trademark Customized
Origin China
HS Code 28272000
Production Capacity 300000PCS/Day
Product Description

125g Calcium Chloride Desiccants with Adhesive for Automotive PartsWHY USE DESICCANT?

In product packaging and during storage and transportation, water vapor will invisible enter into the products, bringing damp hurt including fading or dyeing, the fabric texture becomes brittle, moldy or musty, some pure natural organic fabrics may even be moth-eaten, and so on. Therefore, it is very necessary for the manufacturer to take some precautions to ensure that your product can reach the destination intact.

Product Description

Calcium chloride desiccants are made with the highest purity calcium chloride that can absorb up to 3X their own weight in moisture, and offering greater and longer-lasting protection against mold and moisture damage from within your product packaging.

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Product Parameters

[Product specifications] 125g (can be customized)

[Material] OPP plastic film + Tyvek or PTF paper

[Product composition] calcium chloride + plant starch

[Scope of application] Applicable to auto parts, hardware, electronic equipment, cabinets, logistics transit, etc

[Warranty period] The shelf life under sealed storage is 12 months

ProductProduct SizeCarton SizePackingWeight/carton
TypeModelInner Pouch (mm)Outer Pouch (mm)L*W*H (cm)g/pcqty/cartonNet Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)
CaCl2 DesiccantDC-2g(8L)65*5090*5546*28*262100pcs/bag20bags/ctn2000pcs/ctn48.8

Packaging & Shipping


  • Higher absorption capacity(3X~4X of its own weight)
  • Long-lasting protection against mold and moisture damage
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Work under -5ºC~90ºC
  • More cost-effective than traditional desiccants


They are economical and easy to use inside cartons, polybags, boxes and other forms of packaging, and can be used to protect a wide range of products including but not limited to textiles, footwear, leather, homeware, wood, glassware, agricultural products and more. It is not recommended to use calcium chloride desiccants directly contact with electronic items or with metal part.Available sizes for inbox desiccants:2g,5g,10g,25g,50g,100gAvailable sizes for container desiccants:1kg, 1.4kg, 2kg.
Packing Size(m³)Desiccant dosage (g)
Rainy seasonNon-rainy season
< 0.0122

Comparison of hygroscopicity of silica gel desiccant and calcium chloride desiccant

Moisture Absorption Rate(25ºC)

chemical absorption

physical absorption

Calcium chloride

Silica gel










Reference dosage of calcium chloride desiccant

This table is for reference only. The dosage should be determined according to the carton, the space in the package and the water content of the material in the package.

Carton Volume(CBM)

CaCl2 desiccant dosage(g)













Precautions for storage and use of desiccant

Storage: Desiccant must be sealed and stored in a cool and dry warehouse without chemical pollutants, isolated from the outside air, the next use will not be affected.

Transportation: Desiccant should be carefully put in the process of transportation, to avoid the internal and external packaging damage, and to prevent contact with acid, alkali substances, avoid sunlight and rain and snow immersion, fire, moisture.


1. Desiccant needs to be used in dry environmental conditions;

2. Before use, check whether the sealing of the packaging container is good. For vacuum packaging products, check whether the vacuum bag packaging container is damaged. Such as with the indication silica gel product before the use of the indication whether the silica gel discoloration. Ensure that the above conditions can be used below;

3. After opening the packaging container, the desiccant should be used as soon as possible. According to the actual factory usage, the unused desiccant should be sealed and stored in time;

4. When using desiccant, desiccant bag should not be forced to squeeze, knead, desiccant bag should not be thrown at will, so as to avoid desiccant bag damage and leakage package, broken package.

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