Hazardous Chemicals /Hydrocarbon/Liquid Dichloromethane CH2cl2
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Hazardous Chemicals /Hydrocarbon/Liquid Dichloromethane CH2cl2

Hazardous Chemicals /Hydrocarbon/Liquid Dichloromethane CH2cl2

Product introduction: Dichloromethane is an organic substance with a molecular formula of CH2Cl2. Slightly soluble in wa
Basic Info.
Model NO. liquid
Whether Containing Benzene Ring No
Fat Hydrocarbon Saturation Alkane
Storage a Cool, Dry, Well-Ventilated Place out of Direct S
Transport Package 200L/10000L/330000L
Specification 25kg/1000kg
Trademark Yankem industry
Origin China
HS Code 29031200
Production Capacity 10000 Ton Per Year
Product Description
Product introduction:

Dichloromethane is an organic substance with a molecular formula of CH2Cl2. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether, it is a non-flammable low-boiling point solvent under normal use conditions.Normally It is a colorless and transparent liquid with a pungent odor similar to ether. When its vapor becomes high concentration in high-temperature air, it will generate a weakly combustible mixed gas, which is often used to replace Flammable petroleum ether, ether, etc.
Dichloromethane is widely used in the manufacture of safety film, polycarbonate, and the rest are used as paint solvents, metal degreasing agents, gas smoke propellants, etc., dichloromethane is a colorless liquid, used as a reaction medium in the pharmaceutical industry, used to prepare Ampicillin, pioneer mycin, etc., are also used as solvents in film production.

Inspection Result
Inspection ItemMeasurement UnitsQualified ResultInspection Result
Purity99. 95% min99.99%
Water content0.010%0.008%
Residue on evaporation0.0015%0.0005%
Used in pharmaceutical, foam, adhesive, flame retardant, solvent, fine chemical industry and so on.
Precautions for operation: Avoid generating mist droplets during operation, and wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Avoid allowing released vapors and mist to enter the work area air. Handle in well-ventilated designated areas and use minimum dosage. Emergency response equipment must be available at all times for fighting fires and dealing with spills. Hazardous residues may remain in empty storage containers. Do not use this near welding, flames or hot surfaces.
Free samples are also available for customers to test, and we will cover the shipping fee.
Please note:Not suitable for long time storage; Transport according to dangerous goods requirements.
Company Profile SHANDONG YANKEM INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is locating in Zibo - Shandong's regional central heavy industry city, and petrochemical base (which chemical industry accounts for 40% of the city's total industrial economy) The corporation operates in two major sectors: water-treatment/food series chemicals and abrasive products. Our subsidiaries include: Flocculant manufacturer: ZIBO CLEAN WATER CHEMICALS CO., LTD. Disinfectant manufacturer: INNER MONGOLIA HENGDELI BIOLOGICAL CO., LTD., Dangerous chemical management:ZIBO FLOURISH ENERGY TECHNOLOGI CO.,LTD Over the decade, we have been committed to the research & development, sales, technical consultation, and service of water-treatment/food chemicals as an environmentally friendly enterprise. The applicable industries of our products include water treatment, oil, papermill, mining, aquaculture, ceramics, printing and dyeing, steel, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. We have won good feedback and recognition from customers and therefore established stable cooperation with more than 100 cities and more than 40 countries abroad. In 2021, a new subsidiary, the abrasive manufacturer of Shandong Fortress Abrasives Co., started operations, launching a new field in abrasive products and services.

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