Propane fire insurance problems persist a month later
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Propane fire insurance problems persist a month later

Aug 28, 2023

PHOENIX — It's been a month since dozens of cars were charred in a massive propane fire in Phoenix.

"We were told it was going to take two to three weeks. It's been five weeks, and there are no answers," said Kimberly Sparkman, who lost her car in the fire.

ABC15 first spoke with Sparkman after she found out her car was impacted. Since then, she and many others have told ABC15 they have been waiting to see whose insurance will cover their claims.

"I have liability coverage on my vehicle. I hadn't really thought about, you know, leaving it in a parking lot and having it explode," said Sparkman.

It's still unclear how the fire sparked on July 20, but it unfolded at Bill's Propane Service, near 40th and Washington streets. The fire caused propane tanks to fly hundreds of yards with flames spreading next door to Sundance Airport Parking lot.

"I think the biggest inconvenience is the fact that they don't necessarily want to speak to anybody, and for Sundance to call me this morning and say, 'we need you to come get this car off the lot.' You know, my thought is, why should I do anything? Well, nobody will give me any answers," said Sparkman.

ABC15 pressed the owner of Bill's Propane Service, sharing a statement Tuesday, saying:

"Our facility had not been operating for a number of hours before the ignition, and we had no personnel on-site during those hours. There is no indication to this point from any of the officials investigating the incident that the source was on our property or caused by our personnel or operations, and we remain confident that is the case."

ABC15 also reached out to the Phoenix Fire Department. They say although their report is not yet complete, they do not believe the fire was intentionally set.

"I'm not blaming anybody for this. It's a horrible situation. In the end, you know, we all have insurance for a reason and insurance needs to... somebody's insurance needs to pay," said Sparkman.

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